CleanAir Training

  1. Episode 5: Pitot Tube Leak Check

    In this episode I explain the simple process of leak checking a pitot tube and manometer system, as specified in USEPA Method 2.

    What you should learn:

    1. 1. Leak checking the pitot tubes is required before every test, but is optional after the test (T or F).
    2. 2. The leak check evaluates all connections from the pitot tips to the ____________.
    3. 3. The leak check must be done at a minimum pressure of _____ inches w.g.
    4. 4. The Method 2 criterion allows the manometer pressure to drop by _____ inches over a span of ______ minutes.
    5. 5. Failure of a leak check before a run means that you should:
      •    a. find the leak and fix it.
      •    b. disconnect the manometer.
      •    c. re-check at half the pressure and make a notation on the data sheet.
      •    d. alert the EPA.
    6. 6. A failed leak check before a run should always be recorded on the data sheet.
    7. 7. Once a system has passed a leak check, no additional leak checks are required unless the equipment is dismantled and reassembled (T or F).
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