CleanAir Training

  1. Episode 7: Positive Pressure Leak Check of Meter Box Console

    We look at leak checking an isokinetic meter console under positive pressure.

    What you should learn:

    1) Method 5 requires a positive pressure leak check before and after every test run (T or F)?

    2) At what pressure should the positive pressure leak check be performed?

        a) 15 inches Hg

        b) 5-7 inches W.G.

        c) Maximum pressure expected at pump discharge.

        d) It doesn’t matter, as long as you do it.

    3) What is the minimum time that the system should be verified to hold pressure during a positive pressure leak check?

        a) 15 minutes

        b) Until the oil settles in the manometer

        d) 1 minute

        c) The same time duration as the pre-test vacuum leak check

    4) Which manometer should be used to measure the pressure during the positive pressure leak check (deltaH/deltaP)?

    5) Which side of the manometer should be open to atmosphere during the positive pressure leak check?

        a) Neither

        b) Both

        c) Low pressure

        d) High pressure